Unleash your ceativity

iQUAVIS 'Visualize your product development efforts and
contributions to innovation.' iQUAVIS contributes to manufacturing innovation
through the visualization of the product development effort.


The Concept behind iQUAVIS

Global competition has been intensified in the manufacturing industry.
In order to create products with a competitive advantage in the global market,
it is important to build precise technology scenarios for achieving the desired goals.
The key for attaining these goals for the product is to perform highly advanced
optimization by enabling different teams with different expertise to work effectively together.
iQUAVIS visualizes designer’s thoughts at the early stages of development,
before making drawings and prototypes: identifies mutual influences and conflicts,
and enables verification of the design. In addition, with the contribution of different
information such as technical problems, countermeasures, and business plans,
design optimization can be achieved. Visualization of development leads to the
awareness of designers, enhances creativity and supports realization of innovation.

Minimizes design rework

iQUAVIS enables you to minimize rework based on the analysis of the
structured product information(“technology breakdown”).

Enables new talent to design with
"knowledge of an expert"

iQUAVIS enables you to store and utilize explicit knowledge of a design analysis
and project management expert into the system under design.

Establishes “common language”
to encourage communication
between experts in different fields

iQUAVIS provides tools to express product technology as a “common language”,
easy to understand by experts in different technical fields.