Unleash your creativity

iQUAVIS visualizes development to contribute to innovative manufacturing.


The Concept behind iQUAVIS

As a global competition in the manufacturing industry intensifies,
establishing a high precision technological scenarios focused on achieving targets of the
product has become more and more essential in order to compete in the global market.
Working together and exchanging views among multiple teams with people in different roles and
specialities are the key factor for achieving targets of the product.
iQUAVIS visualizes designer’s concept from the initial development stage,
prior to creation of blueprints or prototypes, and identifies the interrelations and
trade-off relationships to verify a validity of a design.
iQUAVIS also incorporates with various information, including potential technological issues,
countermeasures to be taken, and business plans for
realizing product designs by providing various point of views.
Visualization of development enhances designers’ awareness and
stimulates their creativity to achieve realization of innovative manufacturing.

Visualization of development through
the interaction of three pillars

As a global competition in the manufacturing industry intensifies,
“Visualization of Technology” assists you to clarify the
technological background and create the ideal technological scenario,
“visualization of work” supports the planning of
valid plans and advance management,
and “visualization of decision making” supports identifying
all technological issues and decision-making.
These three pillars cooperate to achieve“visualization of development.”

iQUAVIS Introduction Video